soda pop shop!

While strolling around the world wide web to find more  do’s in Los Angeles I stumbled over this video:

(watch it, I think it’s worth it)

I felt instant love  and decided to go to this shop as soon as possible.

Today I’ve been there and I didn’t expect too much.

This shop is awesome (you can’t avoid using this word when you spend more than 3 days in the US) and this guy is really like you think he is. He is gorgeous.

He reminded me of all this characters you can find watching movies, that happen to do something weird with your heart.

So we spend about 80 dollars there, buying beer named purple haze, double cola, manhattan cola, tripple XXX  and so on.

They also sell some funny candies  and hard, sweet, pink unchewable chewing gum.

Yes,  I do  LOVE this shop.

I’ll take a picture of each and every bottle of bubble drink I got there.  But it may take some time.

"the" bottles

you can taste the name!


I’ve also seen some fancy cars and neon plants in the last days and also had to spend some time with my books due to the weather.

Even if there are 18 days left, I feel a bit sad about facing the end of this trip and I got the feeling that I’ve maybe spend to much time with not doing anything. But I reckon that this is probably one of the most common feelings you get when you are about to leave a place, or a trip comes to an end.  So I decided to better think about L.A as a city I definitely want to return to, than a  place I am leaving for good. Because that’s not going to happen I guess.

neighbourhood car watch


they glow in the dark!

never forget that loitering isn’t something they fancy these days:



on saturday we’ve been to downtown and venice beach promenade.

take a look for yourself,  I somehow like downtown, even if it is really scary, or  maybe just because of it, I guess.

When we arrived in L.A. we decided after we visited MOCA museum to walk around a bit, as the weather was nice and we were bored of driving around all the time. Somehow a not so good idea, as we ended up standing in the middle of Skid Row, the sun went down and I saw myself in the middle of  a weird zombie movie. But now as I explored it once I am really attracted to the non existing urban feeling you get while walking and driving through downtown. The only thing that gives the impression of urbanity are some big buildings, and thats it, you hardly find busy people, walking aroung or common  street noises I know from other big cities.

And Venice Beach is Venice Beach.

A lot of older hippies, surfers and guys with big muscles.

walt disney concert hall

bus stop

once upon a time..

once in a while also a clown needs new shoes

americans are really into rules..

Downtown L.A, fashion district:

roses in the shape of panties, panties in the shape of...

pink, the colour of this season

very promising!

buy buy buy!

now I know where American Apparel is hunting for new styles!

Venice Beach Promenade:

tired beach clown

flying shark!


patriotic muscle comedian

muscle beach

body"builder" at muscle beach

what to wear at venice beach

up up date.

oh oh palm tree

tv show intro



good morning!

l.a. first sight

hello l.a.



sign ❤

down town sun down


I am a really lazy bastard, and I am really sorry for not writing and showing pictures. But when it came to, mhm, let’s upload something, there where constantly better and funnier things  to do :D, so ya, sorry.

NYE in NYC was really nice and quiet. They are not really into pyrotechnics and so we just saw this bunch of  „fireflies“ miles away.

And as I can’t get used to the american way of going out this wasn’t a real opportunity.

Either way, hello 2010.

Along with 2010  came a food poisoning.

A nice stay at Brooklyn Hospital where I  unfortunately  didn’t meet Dr. Huxtable.

After some more vintage and record shopping we finally found our way to los angeles, where we are since one week.

we first stayed at  a lousy hotel with the promising name hollywood.

After some days of strolling and driving around we found a real nice apartment close to the beach, with real nice view.

So now we are staying here for a while as I really !love! the weather, and want to use our venice beach apartment as a homebase for exploring the westcoast.

Just to mention it again, the weather IS really great. And I really, against all my pre- bad thinking like it here.

California, so it is.

timesquare up!

timesquare up!


central park

central park castle?

never ending road

halfnaked rollerskating guy at central park

..all this huge buildings..

good bye new york, good bye winter!

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brooklyn snow


after spending the last week in manhattan, we now moved over to williamsburg/ brooklyn where we rented a nice and finally- after stefaan, the ukrainian housekeeper fixed it- warm flat.

I’ll try to do some more writing in the future. I promise.